Well, this came out of left field! The official PSO2 Twitter account has confirmed that progress will carry over to this new entry that seems to be more of an expansion than a new game.

Watch the official trailer courtesy of IGN. Get hype, ARKS ops!

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An online database that anyone can editdedicated to collecting all information on the Phantasy Star role-playing video games, including the characters, locations, items, and more! Enjoy the nostalgia for the original series, or learn more about the latest multiplayer additions to the franchise. Warning: This wiki contains unmarked spoilers — Proceed at your own risk! The Phantasy Star universe.Phantasy Star Online 2 [9] is a free-to-play online action role-playing game in the Phantasy Star series developed and published by Sega.

Created as a successor to Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star UniversePhantasy Star Online 2 features gameplay elements and aesthetics reminiscent of previous Phantasy Star games while incorporating unique twists on the formula. The initial version was released for Windows in Japan in July A PlayStation Vita version was released in February and shuts down in September originally Augustwhile a PlayStation 4 version was released in April At E3it was announced that the game would be releasing outside of Asia for the first time on the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in early A massive updated and separate "shared universe" game, titled Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is scheduled for a release.

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Upon starting the game, the player can select one of several serversknown as "Ships," to play. Players create and customize their characters to be used in the game. The name, gender, race, character classbody and facial features are available for customization during the character creation process, and later, the player can acquire a number of accessories and aesthetic goods to further customize their characters.

There are various races available to the players in the game, which include Human, Newman bio-engineered humanoid elvesCAST manmade androidsand Deuman species that contains recessive Falspawn genes in them. At the start of the game, players may select from one of nine starting classeseach with unique stat spreads and weapon specialties. Four more "Scion Classes" can also be unlocked when the player meets certain requirements. Classes can be changed at will in the game's lobby; levels and statistics earned with a specific Class are independent of progress made with other Classes on the same character.

Classes can also be customized with Skill Points earned from leveling up, which can be spent on a Skill Tree to learn Skills unique to the Class; Skill abilities can range from passive effects such as boosting stats to toggle abilities that power up your character temporarily.

After a certain level, players can also assign a Subclass, a secondary Class that augments the player's Main Class by granting access to most of its Skills, Photon Arts, and Techniques.

By default, players can play the PC version using a mouse and a keyboard, but may also play the game using an Xbox Controllerwhich the game supports natively. At the bottom of the screen, the sub-palette may contain consumable items, class active skills, Techniques and Photon Blast skills. The mini-map is located at the top-right corner of the screen.

When a target is acquired, the top-left corner of the screen displays the information and status of the target. The chat log displays messages left by players and NPCs, as well as system messages.

pso2 wiki na

Chat commands can customize text in many ways, such as changing the colors of the text or using special speech bubbles and animations. The player can also create and display Symbol Arts, images made within the game out of various symbolic objects. Autowords can also be created for a character to react to certain events in battle automatically, such as dying or successfully completing a mission.

Gameplay in Phantasy Star Online 2 is action-oriented, and features a diverse selection of weapon types and playstyles for the player to choose from.

In combat, players engage enemies in real-time with various attacks; attacks can be chained for additional damage. In addition to standard attacks, combos can be augmented with powerful attacks called Photon Arts that use a resource called Photon Points PP.It was originally released to the Japanese market on July 4, During the same year at PAXSega of America announced that they would bring the game to the west, however, they would not reveal any further information about the project until Microsoft's E3 conference, wherein the game is released in English on April 14, on Xbox One and on May 27, for PC.

Playing the Japanese version of PSO2 and es using the same account will net player bonuses and perks, such as the "es Storage" feature. A major graphical revamp of the game is planned to coincide with the release of its successor Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis in Phantasy Star Online 2 was originally due to be released in late but was postponed for updates until Servers for use with the Japanese PC version opened July 4, These versions were closed down in May 27, Ina Switch version of the game was launched.

However, it's not a full-fledged port; instead, it's a cloud-based service where the player is able to stream-play PSO2 through the Nintendo Switch, and thus requires absolutely stable internet connection to play properly. A Title campaign was instated with the released, which gives players a chance to earn The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -themed costume by playing the Switch Cloud version.

During Microsoft's conference in E3it was announced that a proper Western release of the game would happen in for Xbox One and Windows, with other platforms planned. Additionally, the game would release contents at a highly-accelerated pace, with the official roadmap planning for the first half of EPISODE 6 to be reached by the end of Within the first hour, Ship 1 was filled to max capacity and the servers were hit with higher demand than anticipated.

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In order to combat some of the demand, Ship 2 was opened for character creation. An emergency maintenance was eventually issued to address the problems in the data processing program. As a result of the extended emergency maintenance period during the beta test, SEGA extended the beta test until the end of the day Sunday, February 9, following a routine scheduled maintenance.

As of that date, the game has been officially released for Xbox One while it's expected to be released for PC in May In later July, it was announced that a Steam client would be released on August 5 that same year. The Steam version was finally released on August 5, Accounts from the MS Store version can be transferred over to Steam, however both games are needed to be present on PC for the transfer process the MS Store version can be uninstalled after the transfer is done.

This release also came with a special Title campaign that lets the players to obtain costumes, accessories and Lobby Actions themed after certain Valve-produced games. The following system specifications are recommended by Sega to play Phantasy Star Online 2 : [8].

No purchase or recurring subscription fee is required to play the game. Subscriptions in the form of "Premium Service" include access to additional game features, such as trading items with other players. Another purchasable currency, the Star Gem, was added with the Episode 4 update. The game is updated through an episodic model. Each episode brings new things to the game, ranging from quests to Classes, as well as continuing the ongoing storyline.

Phantasy Star Online 2 takes a departure from its predecessor by having its own continuity. Additionally, the story doesn't take place in a single planet or solar system; new planets to explore are added during the updates. The plot of PSO2 concerns an intergalactic colony fleet called Oracle that travels through deep-space in search of habitable planets.

The odyssey is primarily handled by a large explorer organization called ARKS not to be confused with Arkz from the previous game. The player is a new recruit in the organization, who becomes tangled in a situation that will later decide the fate of Oracle and the universe itself. New features in PSO2 that were not in PSO include the ability to jump over short obstacles and attack in mid-air, to take evasive maneuvers such as dashing and teleporting, and to hold buttons to charge up stronger versions of attacks and techniques although this game mechanic was introduced in Phantasy Star Zero.

Players are able to create their own combo attacks by chaining different Photon Arts and Techniques. Gameplay is online and quest -based, with quests taking place in instances on a planet and in an area determined by the quest.Although this armored creature moves sluggishly, it is quite powerful when it revs up its body into a spin and thrusts all of its weight into its foes.

Grandilga is the tainted form of Garongo. Garongo is a unique monster that resembles armored insects such as Armadillidiidae. Its soft under body is protected by the thick plates and spikes lining its sides and back.

Class Builds

Across the bottom of its plates is fine hair. It uses its four clawed legs to move around, albeit slowly. Although difficult to see, Garongo has a face at the very front of its green body. On it are two beady eyes, a snout, and a large mouth.

Generally very slow and sluggish, Garongo will attack if provoked.

Phantasy Star Online 2

If it detects danger, it will roll itself into a ball and spin violently. After a while, it will thrust itself in the direction of its foe.

pso2 wiki na

If this attack is blocked or it misses its target, the monster will simply unwind and then try again. If it hits a wall, it will recoil and lie on the ground stunned until it regains its composure.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The charge of the Garongo cannot be deflected by regular attacks. Try guarding or dodging to avoid them.

Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Rear - Arm - Leg - Sub - Ring. Protagonist - Matoi. Ardem Sacrid - Enga Yasaka. Mitra - Shiva - Valna.It is currently only available in Japan and specific regions in southeast Asia. The space fleet Oracle travels between worlds, with the organization known as ARKS acting as the fleet's vanguards, who were once a team of researchers. Upon discovery of the Darkershowever, they began to use what they knew to develop photon weaponry to combat the coming darkness.

When playing Phantasy Star Online 2players will always find themselves in the main lobby when first logging on. Split into two sections, the gate area is where players may accept quests and head to the campshipwhile the shopping area is where a number of different shops may be found. There are also a number of clients and other non-player characters who can be found across both areas.

There is also a casino which can be accessed from the back of the gate area, or near the stairs in the shopping lobby; the casino also has a quest counter. There are three elevators which can be used to transport players between the two areas, and there are also block-changers which dot the edges of both areas.

By entering one, players may switch between the blockseach named for its use, or also head over to their room if they so choose. The combat system in Phantasy Star Online 2 is action-based, more so than the past games. Players are able to switch between up to six weapon palettes and subpaletteseach of which can be set up to have its own set of Photon ArtsTechniquesitemsand so on. All weapons are capable of a basic attack that will restore PP much faster than normal on contact with the enemy; some weapons have a very short range, while others reach much further.

Performing a Photon Art or Technique will consume an amount of PP, though they are far more powerful than regular attacks. Each weapon also has a weapon action assigned to it; some melee weapons will guard, most ranged and technique weapons will switch over to a set of two extra Photon Arts or Techniques, Fighter weapons will perform an evasive action, Twin Machineguns will perform a stylish rollDual Blades will glide forward, and Jet Boots will cause a number of effects based on when it is used.

While a default set of controls is presented upon starting the game, they are fully customizable, so any input can be set to do anything the player wishes. Throughout Phantasy Star Online 2there are currently five planets for players to visit, each with its own set of fields and creatures; there are also some quests which take ARKS to special areas not located on planets.

Planet Naberius, named for a Marquis of Hell alternatively known as Cerberusis a lush, green world which also serves as the training ground for new ARKS members. It also houses vast bodies of water, and an atmosphere which seems quite similar to that of Earth itself. Natives of all shapes and sizes roam the planet.

A craggy, volcanic world with an incredibly hot atmosphere, this planet derives its name from King Amdusias, a demon said to have a voice like thunder. The second world players are granted permission to access, this world seems far more dangerous than Naberius.

It is home to the Dragonkin.The enemy of ARKSthey have the ability to twist space for their own benefit; most notably, they can teleport over long distances. There are many different kinds of Falspawn, each with its own special traits, and each led by a particular Dark Falz.

pso2 wiki na

When confronted with the presence of native species of each planet, Falspawn will turn and fight against them.

Falspawn will often triumph, due to having superior abilities in most cases. All Falspawn have a glowing, red core which takes extra damage when struck. Chrome Dragonwhich may spawn in any field at all, is capable of summoning Insect Falspawn at any time. Many members of this category have numerous limbs, and rather fleshy skin.

They also tend to have sharp appendages and more than two eyes. A large number will spawn during the Abandoned Mine series of quests. Members of this category have tough, shell-like skin and face-like patterns on their bodies. They are led by Dark Falz Elderand all are weak to and.

Members of this category have feathery skin and most have wings and beaks to compliment their style; some look almost bat-like. They are led by Dark Falz Loserand all are weak to and. The newest category introduced into the game, Toy Falspawn can be found across the fields on Harukotan : Daybreak Province and the Nightfall Province.

There are only a few known members, but most of them resemble toys common with toddlers, such as blocks, houses, cars, and stuffed animals. They are led by Dark Falz Doubleand all are weak to and. Falspawn are sometimes able to use their influence in order to corrupt inanimate objects to do their bidding.

Recruit Line (AC Scratch: NA)

These mobile suits become more aggressive if friendly AIS approach it. Furthermore, it will become even more aggressive if its gun is broken. One strategy that can be employed against this monstrous weapon is to break both of its feet, causing it to reel over and allowing its weak core to become exposed. The Profound Darkness is the name given to the god-like entity which manifests itself in the form of the Dark Falz and Falspawn.

Minimal parts of its power are located in a number of hosts; these possessed hosts are known as Dark Falz, each with their own added title. They hold immense power, and one serves as the final boss of each Episode of Phantasy Star Online 2 in the form of an Urgent Quest. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.Didn't she was the same as the Richelieu. I think the US refit of Richelieu would be better as a premium but as it's head of class and Dunkerque, already in the game (also head of class) it won't happen.

They won't put two of the last french BBs as premiums if they want to make a french BB line (they have the material). In term of unique flavor, Jean Bart would be the very same as stock Richelieu, that's why I don't understand it as a Premium choice. Richelieu all the way. That US AA refit. It will be god tier. Gascogne would've had two turrets like Richelieu and Jean Bart but with one facing forward and one facing aft.

The armor is rather weak already, why make it worse by showing more broadside to have the aft turret shoot. It's Graf Spee all over again. Why loose the flavor and strenght of the full frontal turrets. I don't know if the Jean Bart offers something sufficiently different or special to sell it while having the ship's class in the tech tree.

But there's the Prinz Eugen, so t could happen. Weaknesses would be it's lacking long range AA, low number of secondaries, and, despite supercharges, still sporting just 8 15 inch guns at T8. Guessing that she will also get a radar consumable due to being the last Battleship ever built (Jean Bart really doesn't count). For this reason, sources which quote HMS Vanguard as having gun ranges in excess of 32,000 yards (29,260 m) are somewhat misleading, as such a range would have required the use of super charges, which she never carried.

She was a Franken-ship made from spare hull and guns, although she was built I think her strange construction could easily lend to creative balancing. Honestly I think there would be a lot of hate for releasing Vanguard at tier 8 price tag and she didn't feel good to play. We dont need a tier 8 Krazny Krym.

Maryland got more AA. West Virginia got more AA, enhanced radar, thicker decks, better torpedo defenses, and so forth. In effect, she was a new ship built atop the old. With the right tweaks, such as more accurate guns and possibly radar, she would make a decent tier 8 premium.

The low speed would be a major downside, but she would be very strong in other areas. I don't know if it will happen considering Alabama is coming and the number of US premiums already live.

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