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A class build is a generalized way of describing the way a character will fight. Accustomed players will be able to deduce not only what skills a build uses when seeing or hearing the name of a build, but will also know how a character will fight in game and roughly what character stats and gear will look like of that build.

For example, the following will make the term Hammerdin obvious: It's a Paladin class focusing on the spell Blessed Hammer. New and old players alike often refer to friends or internet for class builds when it comes to creating a new character.

diablo 2 stat calculator

The way a character is developed is easily formatted into writing, giving insight to other players on how and why a build should be built like it is. The way a Class Build Guide is formatted varies depending on the author. Some guides will go as far as recommending certain Jewels to be socketed, while other guides will list the skill setup and give a few short pointers on where stats should be going, leaving more room for preferred gear setup.

In the end, a player who starts understanding how D2 game mechanics work will be able to read a guide and tweak it for his own use, having a rough but helping guideline from the beginning of a character's development.

The term "Funbuild" means that a character is able to be played a specific way that is more uncommon, but usually in an interesting manner. These builds are not always perfect for general PvE, but can be played successfully with skill.

A melee Sorceress using Enchant is still about killing, but doesn't perform as well as a straight caster in some cases. However, this build can still provide many hours of gameplay. Other builds like the Suicide Necro, are even less practical in terms of playing, but can lead to many amazed looks from other players when the Necromancer lets himself be killed, activating multiple Death Rainbow Facets at once.

Expert players trying out new things or attempting to perfect a character tend to theory craft instead of attempting something without any deep thoughts.

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In simple terms, theory crafting in this context means planning out possible cause and effect attributes of a character. A well developed knowledge of the inner game workings is required, such as knowing how gear affects damage and survivability, solutions to possible immunity problems, stat requirements, some simple RNG based values, and thorough understanding of what certain attributes found on gear and skills can actually do to improve your character.

A lot of time and mathematical thinking can go into theory crafting, resulting in a generally well thought out thesis of a character's performance in the game.

diablo 2 stat calculator

With some effort, the actual characters resulting out of this planning can wipe the enemies out easily compared to more simplistic builds, or even of the same type of build. A common form of theory crafting happens when a player looks at a guide and thinks of available assets compared to recommended assets, such as gear to follow through with character development. Through this, a player can work towards the best character setup using things that are available to him or her.

This can mean a character with less than optimal gear than recommended can still be as effective, or even better than suggested if skills are pushed towards the play style instead of strictly following the guide.

Another form of theory crafting is developing a character with other gear in mind than currently available, while still making the character playable at the moment without spending more stats than the build will ultimately need at the end.

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Please head to the community portal to discuss whether this wiki should merge with Fandom's Diablo community. From Diablo Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Theory Crafting Expert players trying out new things or attempting to perfect a character tend to theory craft instead of attempting something without any deep thoughts. Category : Diablo II Guides.Press HOME to always show items on ground.

Press again to disable. Hover the mouse over abbreviations to show their meaning. The Skillpoint Planner allows you to plan and calculate specific sets of character skills. The result can then be bookmarked or shared with other members of the forums.

Character Attributes

This tool enables you to calculate all your character's speed breakpoints in a simple, straightforward manner. Median XL Offline Tools adds a nice way to manipulate character save files.

It enables users to respec, rename, convert and downlevel characters. Also allows viewing, searching and mass disenchanting items, as well as sorting stash. This unofficial "patch" allows you to replace Diablo II font with a more readable one.

Hirelings Stats

Instructions are in the readme. Offline speed calculator. Inaccurate Wereform results. Do not use unless you have a specific reason. Requires Java runtime. Toggle navigation. Hall of Fame Download Donate. Support Download. Speed Calculator Author suchbalance Version 1. Custom Fonts Author Unknown Version 1.

Author void Version 1. Speed Calculator in java Author terryys Version 1. Guide Download. Game Documentation Character Guides Tools. Hall of Fame. Terms of Service Code of Conduct.The Character Attributes a. Core Stats are a set of values that determine a variety of different statistics that make each character in the Diablo Series. Every time your character gains a level, you receive five points to spend on your Character Attributes. In Diablo you can also boost your attributes by drinking Elixirs.

The damage increase from attributes also called character damage is determined by your class and level. In Diablo II, the most notable change was the revamping of the Skill system that led to the replacement of the earlier Magic attribute with the more general Energy attribute.

In Diablo II, regardless of class, Vitality is often the character's most invested stat; Strength and Dexterity are mostly invested just to reach equipment requirements.

Vitality is arguably the most useful stat due to the low base health that characters have, as well as the fact that health is much more effective than armor in terms of staying alive. In Diablo IIIthe stats function a little differently. Each stat has a primary effect that increase the overall damage for specific classes.

Each stat except Vitality also has a secondary effect. The secondary effects are various forms of damage mitigiation that cater to various play styles. Maximum rolls of Core stats at level 70 are for most types of armor ; however, one-handed weaponsamuletsglovesoff-hand items including shields and helms can roll up to of each stat.

Two-Handed weapons may roll up to Spectrum is the only one-handed weapon that can roll as high asdue to 'all Core stats' bonus. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In each game, the set of attributes have undergone a revamp. Also allows you to wear heavier armor and weapons.

Dexterity : Increases your chance to hit the enemy, your AC Armor Class and chance to block with a shield. Rogues and in the Hellfire expansion Monks and Bards gain additional damage from Dexterity.

Some weapons require a certain amount of dexterity to wield. Vitality : Increases your amount of life. For the Barbarian in the Hellfire expansion, it also increases your damage. Magic : Increases the amount of damage done by your magic spells, increases your mana pool, and allows you to learn more advanced spells.

Diablo II Edit In Diablo II, the most notable change was the revamping of the Skill system that led to the replacement of the earlier Magic attribute with the more general Energy attribute.

Strength : Determines how much damage you deal with your equipped weapon sas well as determining the type of armor you are able to equip.

Dexterity : Determines how likely you are to hit your targeted enemy and how likely your targeted enemy is to hit you. Dexterity also determines your ability to equip certain weapons, mostly ranged weapons and the chance to block an enemy attack if equipped with a shield. Vitality : Determines the amount of life and stamina your character has.He utilizes his curses to weaken his enemies and control the battlefield.

Also, he can doom his opponents to a slow death through poison and even make their bodies explode. Thus, its summoning capabilities are limited. The Bonemancer is much more effective at higher levels and in PvP fights.

He uses Poison Nova in combination with some other poison skills, curses, and a few summoning skills. Although Poison Nova is the primary attack of the build, it uses Poison dagger as a secondary attack.

Explosionmancer : Also known as Explomancer, the build relies on Corpse Explosion spell. Hybridmancer : It combines the spells of the Bonemancer along with the abilities of the Summonmancer in order to outnumber his enemies.

The result is a well-performing character across all difficulties and levels. Novamancer : This type of Necromancer takes advantage of the Lower Resist and Poison Nova skills to slay large groups of enemies. In addition, it relies on his summons such as Golems to distract its enemies and avoid taking damage. This kind of Necromancer is able to summon numerous minions to overwhelm and damage his opponents. Its role is to support his minions, casting curses on their enemies.

Further, the Summonmancer can resurrect the fallen monsters to fight by his side or even to make their bodies explode for additional damage. Ultimancer : This build can wipe out the largest groups of monsters in the least amount of time in Hell difficulty. He uses the Attract and Amplify Damage to trick his enemies and force them to attack each other.

diablo 2 stat calculator

This way, the Ultimancer has enough time to use Corpse Explosion until all nearby monsters are dead within seconds. However, this build requires some practice. The player has to act fast and learn well how to perform the specific combo. Sorceress Barbarian vs. Amazon Paladin vs.

Necromancer Builds. December 22, Latest Articles. Our Top 3 favourite Diablo 2 Cosplays so far November 12, Bitcoin What is Bitcoin?He focuses on the skill Blessed Hammer and its synergies in order to deal massive amounts of damage. Enigma Runeword is a must-have for this build because it provides the teleport ability. Note that this is also the most expensive build to reach his maximum potential because too many players are searching for the same items.

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Your late game equipment will help you overcome your mana issues. A Hammerdin is performing very well in Magic Find runs due to his high damage output. The ideal partner of a Hammerdin is an offensive Act 2 Nightmarehireling. Its Might Aura will increase your damage output even more. An alternative option is the defensive version of the Act 2 hireling. It allows for a more defensive setup as its Holy Freeze Aura slows your enemies.

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Sorceress Barbarian vs. Amazon Paladin vs. Hammerdin Build. December 19, At higher levels, it has the potential of dealing tremendous amounts of damage in both PvP fights and PvE. Concentration : This will be your main Aura as it increases your damage.

Also, it reduces the chance of being interrupted during an attack. However, some alternate versions of the build spend only 1 point in Holy Shield and max out Fire or Lightning resist instead. Vitality : Invest all your points left in your Life pool.

Magic find A Hammerdin is performing very well in Magic Find runs due to his high damage output. Small charms : use any charm that boosts your Magic Find rate.Subscribe Today!

Horadric Cube. Crafted Items. Item Prefixes. Item Suffixes. DII Glossary. Fan Fiction. Playing Tips. Diablo II Story. Barbarian Strategies. Get two good one handed melee weapons of the same type that will be your 1 set weapons.

These will be your main fighting weapons. You're number two weapons should be a two handed weapon that does big damage first of all, and has alot of stats second.

It should be of the same weapon class aas your two number one set weapons. Put a lot of points into the mastery of this type. Your main attack for the two single handed weapons should, or course, be frenzy. Leap Attack out of the way if you get surrounded.

The main attack should be berserk for the 2 weapons.

Diablo 2 Skill Calculator Offline

Carry around a good shield with high defense and resistances. A Also have throwing weapons because some monsters need to be killed with ranged attacks monsters that are fire enchanted, cold enchanted, aura enchanted thorns or holy freezeand lightning enchanted. You should put points into throwing mastery for these situatuions.

I been playing only my barb for a long time, perfecting it. It is level 94 so far and focuses on axes. My two single handed weapons are the Razor's Edge Tomahawk, and the Rune Master Ettin Axe with a perfect skull, a perfect emerald, a thul rune, a perfect sapphire.

I have the Canebeak War Spike, but I don't usually use it. My ranged weapons are the Gimmershred Flying Axe which is pretty good at harnd-to-hand tooand the Lacerator Winged Axe, the best two in the game. I dont know if they get points from axe mastery and throwing mastery, because it says axe class on the weapons, but it is definitly a throwing weapon.

My two handed weapon is the Hellslayer Decapitator, but I also have the Frostwind Champion Axe with a perfect skull, two perfect emeralds, and a Um rune. I have a runeword war axe, Breath of the Dying, and I have a rare Ward, which adds 54 to all resistances after I put two perfect diamonds in itand has a defense ofamong other stats.

These are other good weapons for the barbarian strategy above. Another good shield is The Ward Gothic Shield, or a runeword ancient pledge in exeptional or elite shield. This guide is about the imortal king berserker barbarian my favorite class.

Since your defence drops to zero, blocking might look like a good way of protection, but it causes more problems.

Firstly, potentially lower damage. What takes you 2 hits now might take to die.Character Names Character names must be between 2 and 15 characters long. Characters names can only use upper and lower case letters A-Z. Spaces and numbers are not allowed in Diablo II character names.

Character Level, Experience, and Allocating Stats and Skill Points When your character earns enough experience points to gain another level, the "New Stats" and "New Skill" buttons will appear at the bottom left and right corners of the screen in x resolution. In x resolution the buttons will appear on the interface bar.

Wait until you're somewhere safe, then click on the buttons to bring up the Character Attributes and Skill Tree screens and allocate your points. Each time you gain a level, you receive 5 attribute points to distribute among your 4 attributes: Strength, which affects damage; Dexterity, which affects the ability to hit and avoid attacks; Vitality, which affects life; and Energy, which affects mana.

Each time you gain a level, you can add 1 point to a skill.

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You can only choose from skills whose level requirements and prerequisites have been met. Click on all three tabs and move your cursor over the available skills listed in white to review their detailed effects before you make your decision. See the experience required for each level here. In Diablo II, as in real life, death is something you should strive to avoid.

If your Hit Points drop to zero during the game, you have died. If you are killed, your character will lose a percentage of the total gold both carried and stored in the Stash.

After this 'death penalty' is deducted, the rest of the gold your character was carrying falls to the ground in a pile. If the penalty exceeds the amount of gold you were carrying, the remainder of the penalty is deducted from your Stash. In Single Player, dying will not take away all your gold. No gold is lost from your Stash, and gold per character level is exempt from the death penalty.

For example, if a 10th level Single-Player character with 5, gold dies, he will lose no gold. As an additional death penalty, your character will lose some experience if he dies while in Nightmare or Hell difficulties.

If, however, you choose to 'Save and Exit' out of your current game in order to restart and recover your body in town, you will not regain any of your lost experience. If you die several more times you'll end up losing more experience than you gain by recovering your body.

Sometimes it is safer to leave the game to recover your corpse giving up the experience you might have regained by recovering your corpse. Press the Esc key after dying to restart in town. Your corpse will remain in the place where you died. You will have to return to your corpse in order to retrieve your equipment. When you find your corpse, left-click on it to pick up and re-equip your items hint: when you are near your corpse, it will appear as a purple "X" on your Automap.

Make sure you have room in your inventory to pick up all the items on your corpse, though -- if you don't, any items you can't hold will remain on your old corpse.

diablo 2 stat calculator

Be sure to collect any gold you might have dropped when you died, too. If your character has no corpse when he dies, one will be created, and your equipped items will remain on that corpse.

If your character already has a corpse, another corpse up to a maximum of 16 will be created and your most recently equipped items will remain with the new corpse. Be careful about equipping valuable equipment when you already have a corpse out in the field, if you exit a realm game with more than one corpse on the ground, only the corpse having the most valuable equipment gold equivalent value will be saved.

Also, if you die and you already have 16 corpses, your items will fall to the ground, and anyone can take them.

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